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Caring for our most valuable resource

In the vast portfolio of projects undertaken by STI, one stands out, not for its engineering prowess, but for its humanistic focus. Initiated in September 2021 and still ongoing, this unique endeavor, unlike our traditional engineering projects, doesn't stem from a commercial pursuit but from the fundamental recognition of our most valuable resource - our people.

Nurturing the soul of STI

Every multinational organization, by its very nature, is a complex mechanism made up by countless interconnected parts. However, at the very core of this intricate web are individual souls. This understanding led to the creation of the AnimæSTI project, an initiative aimed at nurturing the very soul of our company. While it may sound metaphysical, it recognizes the intangible elements within our organization: the know-how, the technical prowess, personal talents, feelings, intellect, values, and much more. These unseen facets of our organization are precisely what AnimæSTI seeks to cultivate.

To achieve this, we enlisted the help of a Philosophy graduate, whose role is to facilitate dialogue and awareness, and to help release individual energies while harnessing the collective strength of the team with a humanistic perspective to the company's endeavors.

Promoting Innovation, Energy and Relationships

AnimæSTI, diverging from the traditional operational focus of an engineering firm, promotes the exchange of ideas, the flow of energy, and the cultivation of relationships within the STI family.

AnimæSTI Philosophy

Since the beginning, the role of the corporate philosopher has been evolving, continually adapting to the changing dynamics of the organization. The aim is to support STI's forward-looking transformation, integrating individual sensitivities, aspirations, and perspectives within a broader, inclusive, and welcoming community.

All the while, keeping us grounded in our roots, for the soul of a company, while evolving, retains certain essential characteristics that make it unique - just as each member of our organization is unique.