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Cookies Policy


This document serves to educate Users about the technologies employed by this Application to achieve the objectives described below. These technologies enable the Owner to access and store information, such as through the use of Cookies, or to utilize resources, for instance, by executing scripts on a User's device during their interaction with this Application.

For simplicity's sake, all such technologies are collectively referred to as "Trackers" within this document, unless there is a compelling reason to distinguish them. To illustrate, while Cookies may be utilized in both web and mobile browsers, it would be misleading to discuss Cookies in the context of mobile apps, as they primarily function as browser-based Trackers. Consequently, within this document, the term "Cookies" is exclusively used when it specifically denotes that particular type of Tracker.

Some of the purposes for which Trackers are employed may necessitate the User's consent. When consent is granted, it can be revoked at any time, as indicated in the instructions provided in this document.

This Application employs both Trackers managed directly by the Owner (referred to as "first-party" Trackers) and Trackers that enable services provided by third parties (referred to as "third-party" Trackers). Unless otherwise specified within this document, third-party providers may access the Trackers under their management.

The duration of validity and expiration periods of Cookies and similar Trackers may vary based on the timeframes established by the Owner or the respective provider. Some of these Trackers expire upon the User's browsing session termination.

In addition to the information outlined in the descriptions within each of the categories below, Users can access more precise and up-to-date details regarding the duration of these Trackers and any other pertinent information, such as the presence of other Trackers, in the linked privacy policies of the relevant third-party providers or by getting in touch with the Owner.

Essential activities required for the functioning of this Application and the provision of the Service.

This Application employs "technical" Cookies and similar Tracking mechanisms to perform actions that are essential for the functionality and provision of the Service.

Other activities involving the use of Trackers

  • Experience enhancement: Trackers are utilized by this Application to enhance preference management options and facilitate interaction with external networks and platforms, all in the pursuit of delivering a personalized user experience with improved quality.

  • Interaction with external social networks and platforms: This service facilitates direct engagement with social networks and external platforms on this Application's pages. User interactions and the information acquired here always adhere to the privacy settings set by the User on each social network. Even if Users are not actively utilizing this service, it may still gather traffic data from the pages where it's integrated. To prevent the processed data on this Application from being linked to the User's profile, it is advisable to log out from the relevant services. 

  • Twitter Tweet button and social widgets (X Corp.)

The Twitter Tweet button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Twitter social network provided by X Corp.

Personal Data processed: Trackers and Usage Data.

Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy.

Storage duration: personalization_id: 2 years

  • Facebook Like button and social widgets (Meta Platforms Ireland Limited)

The Facebook Like button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the Facebook social network provided by Meta Platforms Ireland Limited

Personal Data processed: Trackers and Usage Data.

Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy.

Storage duration:_fbp: 3 months

  • LinkedIn button and social widgets (LinkedIn Corporation)

The LinkedIn button and social widgets are services allowing interaction with the LinkedIn social network provided by LinkedIn Corporation.

Personal Data processed: Trackers and Usage Data

Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy.

Storage duration:

AnalyticsSyncHistory: 1 month

JSESSIONID: duration of the session

UserMatchHistory: 1 month

bcookie: 1 year

bscookie: 1 year

lang: duration of the session

lidc: 1 day

lissc: 1 year

lms_ads: 1 month

lms_analytics: 1 month


This Application utilizes Trackers to assess traffic and analyze User behavior with the aim of enhancing the Service.

  • Analytics

The services provided in this section allow the Owner to monitor and analyze web traffic and can be utilized for tracking User behavior.

  • Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) (Google Ireland Limited)

Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) is a web analysis service provided by Google Ireland Limited (“Google”). Google utilises the Data collected to track and examine the use of this Application, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services.

Google may use the Data collected to contextualise and personalise the ads of its own advertising network.

Personal Data processed: Trackers and Usage Data.

Place of processing: Ireland – Privacy Policy – Opt Out.

Storage duration:

AMP_TOKEN: 1 hour

_ga: 2 years

_gac*: 3 months

_gat: 1 minute

_gid: 1 day

How to handle preferences and offer or retract consent.

There are various methods for handling Tracker-related preferences and granting or revoking consent, when applicable:

  • Users can configure Tracker preferences directly on their devices, which may involve blocking the use or storage of Trackers.

  • When Tracker use requires consent, Users can adjust their preferences through the cookie notice or modify them using the relevant privacy widget for consent preferences, if available.

  • Previously stored Trackers, including those used to remember initial consent choices, can be deleted using browser or device features.

  • Browsing history can be cleared to eliminate other Trackers stored in the browser's local memory.

For third-party Trackers, Users can manage their preferences by following the provided opt-out link, adhering to the guidance in the third party's privacy policy, or contacting the third party directly.

Locating Tracker Settings

Users have the option to access guidance on managing Cookies in widely-used browsers from the following sources:

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Apple Safari

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Brave

  • Opera

Furthermore, Users can control specific Tracker categories in mobile apps by opting out through relevant device settings, such as the device advertising settings for mobile devices, or general tracking settings (Users can access device settings and locate the applicable options).

Consequences of denying the use of Trackers

Users retain the freedom to choose whether or not to permit the use of Trackers. It is essential to recognize that Trackers play a vital role in enhancing the overall user experience and enabling advanced functionalities within this Application, aligning with the purposes detailed in this document. Consequently, should a User opt to restrict Tracker usage, it may result in the Owner’s inability to deliver associated features.

Owner and Data Controller

STI Corporate S.p.A.

Viale Giovanni paolo II, 3 - 33100 - Udine (UD)

t. + 39 0432 941303

VAT ID 03061000307

Owner contact email:

Because the Owner cannot exert full control over third-party Trackers employed in this Application, any mentions of these Trackers should be seen as informative rather than definitive. To acquire comprehensive details, Users are advised to refer to the privacy policies of the specific third-party services mentioned in this document.

Considering the intricate nature of tracking technologies, Users are welcomed to reach out to the Owner if they desire additional information regarding the utilization of these technologies in this Application.

Definitions and legal references

Personal Data (or Data):

Any information that, whether directly, indirectly, or in conjunction with other data, including personal identification numbers, allows for the identification or potential identification of a natural person.

Usage Data:

Information collected automatically via this Application (or third-party services utilized within this Application), which may encompass: IP addresses or domain names of Users' computers accessing this Application, Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) addresses, request submission times, request methods used to interact with the server, response file sizes, server response status codes (indicating success, error, etc.), country of origin, browser and operating system characteristics of Users, various time-related data per visit (e.g., time spent on each Application page), and path details within the Application, particularly the sequence of visited pages, along with other parameters related to the User's device and IT environment.


The individual using this Application who, unless otherwise specified, aligns with the Data Subject.

Data Subject:

The natural person to whom the Personal Data pertains.

Data Processor (or Processor):

The natural or legal entity, public authority, agency, or other organization that processes Personal Data on behalf of the Data Controller, as defined in this privacy policy.

Data Controller (or Owner):

The natural or legal entity, public authority, agency, or another entity, either independently or in collaboration with others, responsible for determining the purposes and methods of processing Personal Data, including security measures regarding this Application's operation and usage. Unless otherwise stated, the Data Controller is the Owner of this Application.

This Application:

The medium through which User Personal Data is gathered and processed.


The service offered by this Application, as defined in the relevant terms (if available) and on this website/application.

European Union (or EU):

Unless specified otherwise, any references within this document to the European Union encompass all current member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area.


Cookies are Trackers consisting of small data sets stored in the User's browser.


A Tracker denotes any technology, such as Cookies, unique identifiers, web beacons, embedded scripts, e-tags, and fingerprinting, which allows User tracking, including accessing or storing information on the User's device.

Last Modified: 20 October 2023