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Building Trust through Integrity and Respect

STI Corporate is dedicated to upholding ethical principles guiding every action and decision. These principles shape internal operations and relationships with partners, clients, and the global community, fostering trust, transparency, and professionalism. 

Operating within the Legal Framework is Paramount

Recipients, including international units, must adhere to laws, supported by comprehensive training and guidance. Design rules for various regions ensure excellence.

Impartiality and Respect are Essential

All collaborators, regardless of differences, are valued and discrimination-free. Function managers lead with fairness, fostering diversity for innovation. Transparency and fairness are maintained through clear interactions and adherence to ethical standards, reinforced by leaders' examples.

Confidentiality is Pivotal

Data privacy is respected, with technical, commercial, and financial information treated discreetly. This commitment ensures security and trust, as sensitive information remains confidential.

Upholding Transparency, Ethics, and Responsibility

STI Corporate upholds transparency, ethical procedures, and legality in all aspects of its operations. The company prioritizes accountability, competence, and shareholder relations, while promoting autonomy of judgment and professionalism within its corporate bodies.

STI Corporate values its employees' skills and competencies, ensuring equal opportunities, fair treatment, and professional growth. The company maintains stringent practices against conflicts of interest and prioritizes safety and well-being for all stakeholders.

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