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Elevate Your Project's Lifecycle Management

Welcome to STI Space, an innovative BIM, web-based, cloud platform that guarantees full transparency in effectively managing the life cycle of any asset.

STI Space empowers you to effortlessly and efficiently transform your ambitious visions into tangible projects.

The power of digital connections

We are firm believers in the transformative potential of digital connections, and at STI Space, we are dedicated to cultivating an array of innovative virtual relationships.

This platform exemplifies the tremendous influence of these connections, resulting in heightened efficiency, rapid sharing of insights and information, and cost reductions throughout the lifecycle of any asset.

The power of digital connections
Connect with “Digital Twins”

Designed for web and cloud applications, STI Space comprehensively manages the entire asset lifecycle in alignment with BIM-based principles, culminating in the creation of a virtual duplicate known as a "digital twin”.

These "digital twins" are seamlessly accessible and interconnected with the physical world through our platform, empowering you to fully unleash the potential of your projects.

Connect with “Digital Twins”
Streamline Collaboration with Centralized 3D Models and Real-Time Data

Centralized organization of 3D models, documents, and real-time data fosters effortless collaboration among project team members, enabling the sharing of views, actions, issues, workflows, tasks, and progress within a unified environment.

All data is securely stored in a cloud-based enterprise platform, offering a robust foundation for informed decision-making at every asset lifecycle stage, including construction, maintenance, and management. Leverage this structured information to enhance asset performance efficiency.

Access a profound insight into each project, leading to maximized efficiency, cost reduction, waste minimization, enhanced collaboration, and improved cost estimation, all while staying well-informed.

Streamline Collaboration with Centralized 3D Models and Real-Time Data
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