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Enhance construction management and empower all project teams with integrated workflows and direct oversight. It’s time to elevate your project's potential with STI Space.

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Revolutionizing Construction Management

As innovative design approaches continue to evolve, the landscape of construction and field management is also witnessing transformative shifts. Through instant access to documents, 3D models, and critical information, alongside robust design quality control procedures, the landscape of planning and operational management is being streamlined. This translates to substantial time and cost savings.

We are committed to propelling the evolution and enhancement of the construction process by encouraging you to reevaluate your methodologies.

Revolutionizing Construction Management
Swift Solutions for Site Challenges

The era of digital construction management brings a collaborative environment, where every step of the process seamlessly communicates in an easy-to-use and interactive manner. The real-time sharing of documents, templates, and work plans enables the supply chain to improve both efficiency and accuracy.

Here's how this digital transformation benefits you:

  • Monitor on-site activities directly from your tablet, accessing important real-time information
  • Keep a comprehensive and accurate project overview through 3D models, activity planning, and variations
  • Address site issues promptly by collaborating with the design team and suppliers to find cost-effective solutions
  • Examine and validate the assembly processes of each project component
  • Generate automatic Bills of Materials (BOMs) on-demand by analyzing model data
  • Use comparison functions to identify critical details when comparing different model versions in real time
        Proactive Project Management with 3D Progress Insights

        Integrating construction site planning and scheduling with BIM models offers an intuitive and visual project management solution that benefits key stakeholders, including operators and suppliers. 

        Here's how this integration works for you:

        • Seamlessly import planning models from specialized software like Primavera or MS Project, or create them directly within STI Space
        • Merge your planning model (WBS) with BIM models to gain a visual understanding of project progress in 3D
        • Improve work progress by proactively identifying and addressing issues over time
        • Assess the impact of variations and critical challenges on both project timelines and costs
        • Leverage STI Space's integration capabilities to collaborate effectively with other vital teams, such as logistics and human resources
        • Ensure real-time access to information for all involved parties, promoting transparency and informed decision-making throughout the project
              Enhancing Safety and Compliance

              The effective management and efficiency of a construction site rely on the application of strong executive skills within this intricate environment. To navigate this complexity successfully, it is essential to control activities in real-time, align them with work plans, scrutinize technical-design data, manage critical issues, and ensure adherence to safety requirements.

              Here's how these measures can be achieved:

              • Streamline work progress and on-site compliance documentation using STI Space
              • Enhance on-site safety processes by utilizing 3D models with workflow-based controls and tracking mechanisms
              • Utilize construction site applications to capture field photos and link them directly to 3D models for better documentation
              • Harness the integration capabilities of STI Space to connect with your company's management software, automating both passive and active cycle processes
              • Implement advanced techniques such as point cloud analysis and model overlapping for relief and quality assessment
              • Simplify the production of As-Built records by comprehensively tracking all site activities and developments
                  Intelligent Capabilities for More Efficient Projects
                  • Accommodates an unlimited number of users and projects.
                  • Employs an advanced viewer for enhanced functionality.
                  • Utilizes exclusively web and cloud technologies.
                  • Adheres to ISO 19650 and UNI 113337 standards.
                  • Suited for acquiring BIM certification, such as UNI/Pdr 74:2019.
                  • Implements security policies and backup procedures in accordance with industry best practices.
                  • Architecturally designed for seamless integration with other systems.
                  • Exclusively employs open and interoperable standards, including IFC and BCF.
                  • Optimized and integrated for use on mobile devices.
                  Intelligent Capabilities for More Efficient Projects
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