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Explore a fresh approach to design: minimize rework, boost productivity, and expedite project completion through collaborative design.

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Revolutionizing Design - A New Era of Collaboration

As new technologies develop and merge, together with the worldwide adoption of BIM methodologies, the responsibilities of architects, engineers, and planners are experiencing a significant change. Collaboration among diverse teams and the capacity to visualize projects from a holistic perspective are key drivers of this transformation. STI Space is here to assist you in understanding and embracing this evolution.

Revolutionizing Design - A New Era of Collaboration
Efficient Design Data Management and Control

To remain at the forefront of their fields, architects, engineers, and planners should transcend their traditional tools and embrace platforms that offer integrated and efficient management of the design phase.

  • Achieve precision and quality interaction with 3D models using our advanced viewer
  • Seamlessly compare the latest versions of online models, always kept up-to-date
  • Visualize design changes in real-time for a deeper understanding of their impact on ongoing work
  • Monitor project progress from inception to completion through data sharing
  • Simplify the authoring process to manage and control data and information effectively
  • Enhance quality control with the BCF standard, supporting processes like model checking and clash detection
Centralized Collaboration for Seamless Teamwork

Customize your collaboration process for streamlined design coordination, fostering teamwork within the design unit and achieving superior end results.

  • Centralize team organization in a collaborative workspace for seamless sharing and cooperation
  • Leverage automatic modeling for user and project visibility based on distinct roles
  • Enhance design review by utilizing mark-ups on both 3D and 2D models to compare work among designers
  • Collaboratively manage processes through coordination and approval tasks
  • Resolve technical issues collaboratively with 3D model-linked Issues
  • Engage internal designers, suppliers, and clients in pure, digital collaboration for efficient project delivery
    Navigate Documents Like Never Before

    Create a unified digital workspace accessible to all teams for comprehensive project document management and Common Data Environment (CDE) compliance.

    • Seamlessly manage Work in Progress (L0), Shared (L1), Published (L2), and Archived (L3) document environments for formal sharing
    • Administer document sharing and approval workflows based on project or custom processes, preserving transaction history
    • Engage clients in the formal approval process via Transmittal Notes, granting them visibility into the entire project
    • Simplify document navigation and search through automatic links with 3D models (point and click)
    • Expedite issue evaluation with collaborative issues, 2D and 3D markups, and messaging to manage and track resolution
    • Stay informed with timely reminders and notifications, individually tailored to users
      Intelligent Capabilities for More Efficient Projects
      • Accommodates an unlimited number of users and projects
      • Employs an advanced viewer for enhanced functionality
      • Utilizes exclusively web and cloud technologies
      • Adheres to ISO 19650 and UNI 113337 standards
      • Suited for acquiring BIM certification, such as UNI/Pdr 74:2019
      • Implements security policies and backup procedures in accordance with industry best practices
      • Architecturally designed for seamless integration with other systems
      • Exclusively employs open and interoperable standards, including IFC and BCF
      • Offers evolved models and collaboration styles
      • Optimized and integrated for use on mobile devices
      • Compatible with any business intelligence model
      Intelligent Capabilities for More Efficient Projects
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