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Optimize life-cycle operations by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies like digital twin, IoT, AI, and VR to streamline facility and asset maintenance.

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Simplify Maintenance with Digital Twins and BIM

Digital twins, in synergy with conventional BIM approaches, offer an informative three-dimensional platform ideal for comprehensive maintenance management (including scheduled, accidental, and predictive maintenance).

Simplify Maintenance with Digital Twins and BIM
Centralized asset management

STI Space is a unified platform that organizes all asset information, past and present, for effective capitalization and management.

Key benefits include:

  • Instant and interactive access to information for sharing and input at any time
  • Streamlining management by standardizing methods, accommodating diverse georeferenced assets and projects on a single platform
  • Flexible and precise collaboration with various stakeholders, providing immediate access to valuable information
  • Effortless management of all aspects of asset information, including backup, security, and access, from a centralized location
  • Universal access to STI Space from any device, whether portable or fixed
          Facility Management with Advanced Digital Twin

          Enhance your digital twin and optimize maintenance procedures (scheduled, accidental, predictive) to strategically boost facility management performance.

          Key features include:

          • Seamlessly link 3D models with multimedia maintenance documents for simplified reference
          • Efficiently monitor recurring activities and operational checklists for maintained items
          • Schedule, assign, and share tasks with the relevant parties
          • Utilize the Maintenance App for real-time task execution and management information updates to the digital twin
          • Gain a direct view on models of pending and completed tasks, as well as risk and urgency levels
          • Analyze time, costs, and operational efficiency to drive improvements through predictive analytics processes
                  Boost Performance with Data-Driven Analysis

                  Harnessing sensor technologies and IoT measurement systems, you can rapidly infuse life and cognition into your digital twin by connecting it to performance monitoring.

                  Key actions include:

                  • Seamlessly integrate your digital twin with various sensor models and BMS systems
                  • Gain real-time insights into your asset's performance
                  • Enhance performance through in-depth analysis of recorded data
                  • Create intuitive analysis charts
                  • Centralize information flows for streamlined control
                  • Elevate and sustain your asset's performance by gaining deeper insights and heightened awareness
                      Intelligent Capabilities for More Efficient Projects
                      • Accommodates an unlimited number of users and projects
                      • Employs an advanced viewer for enhanced functionality
                      • Utilizes exclusively web and cloud technologies
                      • Adheres to ISO 19650 and UNI 113337 standards
                      • Suited for acquiring BIM certification, such as UNI/Pdr 74:2019
                      • Implements security policies and backup procedures in accordance with industry best practices
                      • Architecturally designed for seamless integration with other systems
                      • Exclusively employs open and interoperable standards, including IFC and BCF
                      • Offers evolved models and collaboration styles
                      • Optimized and integrated for use on mobile devices
                      • Compatible with any business intelligence model
                      Intelligent Capabilities for More Efficient Projects
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