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At STI Engineering, we are your trusted partner in the metal industry, specializing in both non-ferrous and ferrous materials. With over 30 years of extensive experience in Concept, Civil, and MEP design, as well as machine modification, we offer innovative and efficient solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our team of experts leverages the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure superior quality and performance in every project. Explore our expertise and elevate your metalworking operations to new heights

Steel manufacturing
Our Expertise

We specialize in providing engineering solutions for the steel manufacturing process, from smelting raw materials to producing the final steel product. Our expertise encompasses managing the entire steelmaking process, including casting steel into billets, bars, slabs, blumes, and other forms using various techniques. Our proficiency ensures that your projects benefit from the robustness and resilience of this adaptable material, customized to meet the most stringent specifications.


At STI, we specialize in providing engineering services for the entire aluminum production chain, from alumina production and the reduction process to the creation of primary aluminum. We offer engineering services across foundry alloys, rolling, and extrusion processes for aluminum alloys, and we also support the recycling process of the material. Perfect for applications where weight savings are crucial, our solutions deliver superior performance without compromise


We specialize in providing comprehensive engineering services for the entire titanium production chain, guiding you through every process from ore to finished product. Starting with the Kroll Process to extract titanium from its ore, we offer engineering solutions for advanced methods such as Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) and Electron Beam Cold Hearth Remelting. Our expertise extends to forging and casting titanium, as well as the heat treatment and annealing of titanium alloys, ensuring superior quality and performance at every stage.

Services in Metals Industry
Civil + MEP Design

We offer Civil and MEP Detailed Design development services, providing everything from initial concepts to comprehensive construction documents. Our extensive experience includes designing reheating furnaces, rolling mills for long products, and steelmaking complexes. Our services cover the entire project lifecycle, from process revision and logistics planning to detailed architectural, civil, and MEP design. Using our STI Space document management system, we ensure effective integration and digital construction support.

Steel heating
Services in Metals Industry
Machinery Modification

STI Engineering specializes in modifying existing machinery to match new plant designs. We provide engineering services to adjust equipment, water-cooled roofs for ladle furnace systems, and we have the capability to refurbish existing systems with new features like weighing systems, onboard hydraulic units, and electrodes. Additionally, we excel in improving material handling systems, integrating new components with existing ones to meet contemporary production needs.

Machine modification
Services in Metals Industry
Updating Of Systems

We create custom concept designs by thoroughly understanding our clients' needs and limitations. We take into account factors like production strategies, existing facilities, and equipment. This allows us to craft solutions that align perfectly with your needs. Our comprehensive approach ensures meticulous planning and execution of every project aspect, from logistics to plant layout. This provides a solid foundation for efficient and successful operations.

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