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A dream, a group of people, a new international reality: STI Corporate.

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a visionary and quick-witted entrepreneur who had a dream: to create something big to leave the mark of his passage in this world. He was a hard worker and used to travel a lot, so at every experience he could learn something useful for the realization of his project. Thus, over the years he met other souls like him around the world, who shared this spirit of initiative and his strong will to transform his idea into reality.
The first seed of his idea, called STI Engineering, was planted in Italy over 30 years ago.
After a few years the company had its first approach to the outside world with the opening, together with a local partner, of a foreign office in Kazakhstan. It is actually about a decade ago that the story started to get interesting, when, after lots of work, some hard climbs and many successful projects, the start-up of STI Engineering Oman clearly demonstrated that the initial idea had started to take roots, to expand and grow.
In a very short time indeed, this story has been enriched with new chapters: STI Engineering Russia, STI Engineering Mexico, STI Engineering Paraguay, STI Engineering USA, STI Engineering Slovenia ... until, beginning 2022, it became a truly exciting adventure, with the birth of a community of over 350 people from more than 20 countries, including a variety of different cultures, languages, traditions and religions, all united by a common vision.

STI International Week

This year, from 2 to 9 March, for the first time in the company's thirty-year history, a varicoloured group of people with different roles and from various STI engineering companies around the world met up in Italy. It has been defined as “the first STI International Week”, a week full of events involving the whole company at different levels and on various fronts with the aim of defining the foundations of the future evolutionary phase of STI Engineering.
It is the first international meeting with attendance in person, strongly desired by the company's Top Management not only as an opportunity for the various STI companies worldwide to come together, but also and above all as a moment of sharing between the people of STI, as they could eventually shake hands and talk face to face for the first time after a long, tough time for interpersonal relationships, both professional and extra-work, and start giving life to the core of the future STI-Community.

STI People: the value of diversity

The agenda of meetings and workshops was very dense, with a calendar of events distributed among the Italian offices and subdivided into two main levels: the Top Management was engaged in a series of formal and decision-making corporate assemblies and meetings at a global level, the Regional Directors and Country Managers were involved in a program of operational meetings aiming at sharing and strengthening strategies, procedures and tools in the various areas: market opportunities, business lines, marketing & communication, BIM & CDE services, operations, IT infrastructures, etc.
It was a true melting pot of different nationalities, professionalisms, traditions, languages ​​and attitudes, ideal to transform a week of meetings into a fertile breeding ground for ideas and initiatives. As a matter of fact, the true value of STI Engineering has always been the diversity and variety of its persons, each with their own cultural, educational and personal background, all adding up to the common set of values and creating the real beating heart of the company.
As expected, sharing ideas, strategies and tools has created a unique synergy between STI people and organizations, who, eventually able to confront  directly and spontaneously, with a profitable exchange, have started a cooperation that is real and inclusive, concrete and applicable to everyone's life and reality.

STI Corporate Spa, Benefit Corporation

At the Top Management level, the higher and deeper vision of this International Week has materialized into the possibility to start shaping together the foundations of the newly formed STI Corporate Spa, the holding company of STI world at a global level. Headquartered in Italy, but multinational in scope, STI Corporate has an international Board of Directors which involves and gives voice to the foreign shareholders of the group's sister companies and therefore aspires to grow globally in the form of a single entity, made stronger by sharing common experiences, strategies, skills and opportunities.
To add value to this project was also the decision that STI Corporate Spa shall be a Benefit Corporation, a more evolved paradigm of the concept of “company”, where the goal is no longer exclusively profit. In fact, in the long term, the mission of the company is to have a positive impact on people and on the environment, distinguishing itself on the market from all other corporate forms through a virtuous and innovative legal form.

STI Corporate Board of Directors - Kristjan Rijavec, Stefano Massarino, Alejandro Karles and Muhammad Al Salmy
The first rewards have already been reaped: the meetings held during the week marked the first steps of a challenging path, yet with a breath-taking view. The various stakeholders involved proved to be in harmony and absolutely enthusiastic about embarking on this adventure together, leading an increasingly consolidated and competitive group.
New ideas and new stories are already popping up on the horizon. Don't miss out!