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How STI Corporate Is Confronting Climate Change

At STI Corporate, our commitment to sustainable practices aligns with our awareness of the long-term changes in the Earth's climate. We recognize the necessity to adapt and take action against climate change, embracing the role we can play in curating a healthier environment for future generations.

The issue of climate change is not one to be taken lightly. We understand that our planet's climate has continuously evolved over time, but the recent acceleration in climate change is largely attributed to human activities such as the combustion of fossil fuels, deforestation, and intensive agriculture. These activities increase the emission of greenhouse gases, which retain heat in the atmosphere and cause global warming.

Our approach to climate change
Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing us today, because the impacts of climate change can be severe and far-reaching. However, while the problem may seem daunting, there is reason for hope. Innovative solutions and collaborations are making a positive impact on the environment, and there are many success stories to celebrate.
We at STI Corporate have chosen to be part of the solution.

We already conducted assessments to understand how climate change could impact our business operations and supply chains, and started developing strategies to mitigate these risks. Advocating for policies that address climate change, both at the local and national level is also very important for us. This involves supporting regulations that limit emissions, or promoting subsidies for renewable energy.

Through our initiatives, such as promoting low-impact transportation and reducing electricity use, we aim to create a culture of environmental consciousness. We also support policies and technologies that promote environmental sustainability At STI Corporate we are encouraging our employees to adopt sustainable practices, such as carpooling, minimizing business travel, or implementing a "green" office policy that promotes recycling and energy conservation.
We also made a commitment to transparency by measuring, tracking, and reporting our own environmental impacts, and encouraging their partners and clients to do the same.

We believe collaboration is also key to addressing climate change. Governments, businesses, and individuals are working together to reduce emissions and promote sustainability. Many cities and businesses are also committing to sustainability goals, such as becoming carbon neutral or zero waste.

STI Corporate as a benefit corporation
STI Corporate is a benefit corporation, but first you may ask yourself what this actually means?
A benefit corporation is a type of legal structure for a business that is designed to benefit society and the environment, in addition to generating profits for shareholders. Benefit corporations are held to higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, ensuring that they are doing their part to create positive change in the world.

One of the most significant benefits of being a part of a benefit corporation is the positive impact that it can have on society and the environment. Here also the battle with climate change comes to play. We are committed to using our business as a force for good, which means that we prioritize initiatives that have a positive impact on the world around us. This can include everything from reducing waste and carbon emissions to supporting local communities and empowering employees. The environmental sustainability is woven into our company's DNA and is a key consideration in all business decisions. Every aspect of the company is scrutinized to ensure that it aligns with the company's environmental goals.

Benefit corporations often prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials and production methods. This means that their services or products are often more sustainable and have a smaller environmental footprint than those of traditional corporations.
We strongly believe that benefit corporations often serve as leaders in the broader business community by setting a positive example for other companies to follow. By prioritizing the environment, we are showing that it is possible to achieve business success while also promoting sustainability.
Climate change is a global problem that requires collective action. Our collective efforts are making a difference in the fight against climate change, and we believe that by focusing on solutions and celebrating our successes, we can inspire others to join us in taking action for a better future. Together, we can innovate, collaborate, and have a positive impact on our planet.

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