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Pirožki for Peace

A pirožòk to say that all STI People cheer for Peace.

STI engineering has been operating in Russia and in many other nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) for over twenty years.
The first project in Russia dates back to 2002 and unwittingly launched the company to explore and learn about a new world. A trip to the east, which started from Moscow and went as far as the Far East. A trip with stopovers in St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Orenburg, Novosibirsk, Amur and up to Sakhalin Island. A journey with beautiful stops in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.
It was not easy to enter a world so different in language and culture. We always did it on tiptoe, knowing we were guests and trying to learn before teaching. It took us years to learn the language, understand the rules, understand the habits and assimilate the culture.
Proud peoples, enriched by their own history and united by a rare culture. How many things we have learned and how many beautiful people we have had the privilege of meeting.
We were able to witness the path of profound change in these countries. From closed and limited economies in the exchange of goods and thoughts to the completely global one in which the Moscow store shelves had nothing to envy to those of New York. A restructuring process (Perestroika) that began with the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) and continued without interruption for almost thirty years. A process of generational and apparently irreversible transformation.
Then one day something happens that pushes someone to decide that what people have believed in for over thirty years is no longer valid. And so the exchanges stop, many companies leave the country, the air spaces are closed and the walls are rebuilt without the use of bricks.
We are not interested in geopolitical reasons, we are interested in people and in particular those who, despite sharing our project and belonging to our community, are forced to experience uncertainties that go far beyond those that are normally attributable to the volatility of the markets.
For over thirty years STI engineering has been trying to build an entrepreneurial project without borders and centered on people. STI-People, the people of STI, are at the center of the project and today part of this project is challenged by factors beyond our control. We are nobody to influence the situation even in the slightest and promote any solution, but from our little point of view, we wish to give a strong signal to our Russian colleagues and let them know that we will do everything we can to continue this exciting adventure.
Thanks to an initiative that came up spontaneously and has been growing with enthusiasm on November 17th, all the STI People located in the various offices around the world will launch the first “Pirožki Party”. For the uninitiated, pirožki are a dish of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, a kind of flatbread stuffed with different types of fillings. They can be sweet or savory but they are always good.
The Pirožki Party will be organized in the various locations and shared on digital and social channels as a sign of closeness of the whole STI community to their Russian and Ukrainian colleagues.
The pirožki prepared by volunteer cooks from the corporate community with the invaluable support of the instructions of Russian and Ukrainian colleagues, will be shared with all colleagues in the office.
A pirožòk to say that all STI People cheer for Peace.
Thanks to: Stefano Massarino
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