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Redefining Boundaries: STI Engineering Boosts Presence In The Middle East

Known for its innovative spirit and groundbreaking solutions, STI Engineering is further strengthening its global footprint with the opening of a new office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This expansion promises a blend of engineering solutions with local insights, redefining the technological landscape in the region.

A Decade of Engineering Excellence
Throughout its decade-long presence in the area, STI engineering has carved a reputation for high-quality engineering and consultancy services in Middle East, thanks to the excellent work of the close-knit and tireless team of STI Engineering Oman. The Company’s vision in the Middle East area is simple yet ambitious – to lead the market with a full multidisciplinary team offering a broad range of services, and indeed our Omani office prides itself on its rich international experience, which it deploys to compete with both local and international consultancy service providers.
The Company has been providing in the whole area comprehensive design services, infrastructure design, construction management, and project and cost management services. It has successfully built a strong presence in the industrial sector and commercial building industry, excelling in MEP design and supervision for the educational and recreational sector, with a variety of projects including universities and schools. In 2021, STI expanded its portfolio in the Middle East by entering the project management sector.

People and Partnerships
Over its 10-year presence in the Middle East, STI Engineering has increased its influence and its team, which will count over 30 professionals by the end of 2023. The company's team members, coupled with its robust organizational culture, policies, and procedures, are the pillars supporting STI engineering's consistent growth.
During the past decade, STI Engineering has chalked up several key milestones and significant events. The company has been involved in major pilot projects in the Middle East, working on a wide variety of projects ranging from the hospitality sector with hotels and resorts all over the area, several residential complexes, to mixed-use developments and specialized factories. STI engineering has been delivering  an extensive range of services, including feasibility studies, design services, procurement services, supervision, and contract management services.

Impactful Projects and Their Contribution
STI Engineering is also proud of its role as Lead Consultant in several unique and impactful projects in the industrial sector. Among these is the Al Bashayer Red Meat Factory, the first of its kind in the region, for its innovating approach and one of the largest in the world, where STI engineering has been leading the design and supervision activities. Another notable project was the Oman Dates Production and Packaging (ODPP) project, which included designing six collecting centers around Oman with a central factory in Barka also involving a further innovating industrial step to produce proteins out of date by-products in collaboration with US company MYCO.

The company also played a key role in Oman's first mixed-use development project in Ghala, serving as the Project Management and Client Representative. Other significant projects include the National Veterinary Vaccine Facility and the Capital Market Authority headquarters, further cementing STI engineering's position as a multidimensional engineering company.
These projects not only bolstered STI engineering's portfolio but also made a significant impact on the industry and community. For instance, the Al Bashaer Red Meat Factory and the MYCO project, which produced protein products, were part of the Oman Food Security Government Initiative, a key contribution to Oman's economy.

More about the MYCO Project
The collaborative venture was initiated by OIA (Oman Investment Authority), aiming to produce protein derived from mushrooms, using dates as the primary ingredient. This project is a testament to the innovative vision of the OIA, and STI Engineering was honored to be a part of it.
US-based company MycoTechnology, a renowned name in the food biotechnology landscape, recognized for its focus on the development of alternative protein and sugar-reduction ingredients, also brought its expertise to this important project.
The goal of this partnership was to attain economic diversity, create job opportunities and new chances for Omani SMEs. OIA looked for international expertise in order to achieve national sufficiency and to enhance food security through local projects.

Looking Forward
With a forward-thinking vision, STI Engineering’s goal is to emerge as one of the top ten industry consultants known for digital construction and standing tall alongside internationally acclaimed companies in the Middle East. Our commitment is to foster a talent-rich ecosystem that drives innovation, growth, and excellence. In collaboration with our esteemed partners, the Buruoj company, we are set to introduce engineering solutions that will redefine the Middle Eastern technology landscape. This venture isn't just about expansion—it's about leading an engineering revolution, one step at time.

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