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STI Automation's Melamine-Coating Project Sets New Industry Standards

STI Automation, a respected player in industrial automation solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the first Melamine-Coated Wood panel from the plant in Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse, France. This achievement illustrates a substantial progress for STI and a leap forward in wood panel manufacturing technology.

At the core of this innovative project, we have the expertise of our STI Automation team. We are key in guiding the software PLC development and creating a sophisticated supervision system for effective plant management. From the initial commissioning to perfect mechanical and electrical installations, STI Automation made sure the startup phase went off without a hitch.

One of the standout features of the project was the meticulous placement of the melamine layer, needing a tight 5mm margin on dimensions over 2.5 meters. It was no small task, but the team at STI Automation, including software wizards Mattia Zucchiatti and David Barbulovic, as well as Michele Bigoni and Tommaso Bonfiglio, stepped up and got the startup phase moving smoothly.

At the production line, we utilize detailed procedures to attach a melamine layer on raw chipboard panels with unmatched accuracy. This involves pressing the panel and melamine layers together under conditions of approximately 200°C and up to 3500 tons of pressure.

The production line transforms a raw panel into a finished product through a harmonious blend of automation and precision. It all starts with cleaning, followed by centering and positioning the panel on the conveyor belt. Then, a melamine layer is carefully applied to the lower face. At the same time, another layer of melamine is added to the opposite face, guaranteeing consistency and high standards throughout the manufacturing process.

When the panel moves to the baking area, we make sure everything is lined up perfectly. We ionize the melamine layers at around 50kV, using the power of electrostatic currents to make sure everything fits together just right.

After baking, we trim each panel and check it over to make sure it's up to scratch. We then sort the panels into different stacks based on their quality, so they're ready to be sent out to customers all around the world.

Once fully operational, the production line will boast an impressive capacity, capable of producing 140 panels per minute. This translates to a remarkable panel being produced every 15 seconds, all while navigating the line at a speed of 3m/s with rapid acceleration and deceleration ramps.

STI Automation is redefining wood panel manufacturing with their innovative approach. Their focus on efficiency, precision, and quality is setting new industry standards. The successful completion of the Melamine-Coated Wood panel project showcases their dedication to advancing automation and delivering state-of-the-art solutions to their clients.

To sum it up, our collaboration with the plant in France has been a real game-changer. We've seen outstanding results and opened up new avenues for progress in wood panel manufacturing. At STI Automation, we're all about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in industrial automation, with our top-notch expertise and forward-thinking solutions.


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