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STI Engineering Is Introducing Next-Generation Digital Services In The Middle East And Rest Of The World

Soon we will be boosting our presence in the Middle East as we are opening a new office in Saudi Arabia. At the forefront of our innovative offerings, we are excited to provide digital services tailored to the specific needs of our clients in this region.
We are offering top-tier services for digital asset management throughout their entire life cycle, utilizing industry-leading technologies and innovative methodologies. Our foundation rests on a BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology platform, which has revolutionized how we approach digital asset management.

Here are some of the services we are planning to provide in the Middle East as well as the rest of the world:
Data Profiling
At STI Engineering, we understand the importance of data in the digital world. Our team of Data Profilers works meticulously to capture, clean, and categorize client's data. This process ensures the data is accurate, reliable, and structured appropriately for effective utilization in asset management strategies.

Digital Construction Management
Our Digital Construction Management services deliver significant value by managing and coordinating all aspects of digital asset life cycle management, providing clients with an efficient and streamlined experience. By adopting a proactive approach, our digital construction management team reduces risk, saves time, and maintains the quality of the digital assets.

Robotic Solutions
Cybernetic automatons, or robotic systems, are integral to our digital services. They enable automated and precise execution of various tasks in asset management. From automated inspections to routine maintenance tasks, these advanced systems significantly improve asset longevity and reliability.

IT Design
As IT designers, we create innovative digital solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs. We design and implement IT infrastructure that facilitates the effective use of BIM technologies, AI, AR, and cybernetic automatons, promoting seamless integration and effective digital asset management.

Common Data Environment
The cornerstone of our digital service offerings, however, is our unique Common Data Environment (CDE). This tool enables us to consolidate all data pertinent to a project, establishing a centralized and organized information hub. Our CDE also features capabilities to run 4D simulations, thereby allowing us to monitor and track progress meticulously. This interactive model enhances our capacity to coordinate tasks, manage resources, and deliver projects within agreed timelines.

Big Data Analysis
STI Engineering also offers Big Data Analysis as a crucial service. With the massive amount of data generated by assets, it's critical to interpret and understand the insights hidden within it. Our team of skilled Big Data Analysts employs advanced techniques to sift through this data, deriving actionable insights that inform strategic decisions. These insights enable businesses to optimize their asset performance, anticipate potential issues, and drive their growth strategy.

Augmented Reality
Lastly, STI Engineering is defining the future of engineering services through the development of immersive applications. Our immersive tools range from Virtual Reality (VR) design reviews to Augmented Reality (AR) on-site tools. By integrating AR with BIM, we can provide clients with virtual walkthroughs of their facilities, overlaying vital asset data onto real-world views. This real-time, immersive experience significantly improves asset management and maintenance procedures, enabling proactive and informed decision-making.

At STI Engineering, we understand the evolving demands of the industry in the Middle East and around the world. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve through our advanced digital services. We believe that our technological knowledge, combined with our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, positions us as the preferred choice for engineering services in this digital age. By leveraging our suite of digital services, our clients can optimize their operations, enhance efficiency, and drive meaningful innovation.

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