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Green Ammonia Project

Unleashing the Power of Green Ammonia: A Transformative Step Towards Sustainable Agriculture and Energy

At STI Engineering we are playing a significant role in the worldwide move towards sustainable energy. We're deeply involved in the selection of the "Alkaline High-Pressure Electrolyzer Unit"—a key piece in making green ammonia. This innovative compound could transform industries and tackle big issues like food security and cutting carbon emissions.

Ammonia's Essential Role in Agriculture

Composed of just nitrogen and hydrogen, ammonia is a relatively simple compound that nonetheless plays an exceedingly pivotal role in the global agriculture industry. Representing a significant 80% of the world's total ammonia production, its usage in the creation of fertilizers is not only prevalent but essential. These ammonia-based fertilizers have become a cornerstone in the world's food production, contributing to the nourishment of approximately half of the globe's population. This statistic alone underscores the immense importance and the far-reaching impact of ammonia within our global food production system. Thus, understanding and acknowledging the crucial role that this humble compound plays in agriculture is key to appreciating the intricate systems that sustain our global food supply.

Evolution from Traditional Ammonia Production

Traditional ammonia production methods typically extract hydrogen from natural gas, and source nitrogen from air through a secondary reformer. However, we are currently involved in a groundbreaking green plant project. This project uses electrolysis to produce hydrogen from water. Powered by a photovoltaic park, this method promises a sustainable and carbon-neutral production process.

Green Ammonia Process

Green ammonia, produced through entirely renewable and carbon-free methods, has emerged as a game-changer in the global energy landscape. Notable for its ability to be stored at extremely low temperatures and functioning as a zero-carbon fuel, green ammonia boasts diverse applications. Its combustion in engines, utilization in fuel cells for electricity generation, and role as a carrier for green hydrogen underscore its significance in the transition to renewable energy solutions.

STI Engineering proudly supports the groundbreaking Project Skipavika in Norway, a pioneering initiative in Europe's green ammonia landscape. This project aims to produce up to 100,000 tons of green ammonia annually. The use of renewable resources such as wind and hydro power, along with air and water, underscores the commitment to replacing fossil fuel-based ammonia and reducing carbon emissions.

The Expanding Green Ammonia Market

The European Green Ammonia Market is on the cusp of a period of robust growth. With an anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.19%, the market is expected to reach a staggering valuation of USD 3702.93 Million by the year 2032. The unique and advantageous properties of green ammonia play a significant role in this projected growth. Notably, green ammonia's capability to be stored at low temperatures and its zero-carbon nature make it an extremely attractive and viable option in the energy sector. These characteristics position green ammonia as a pivotal component in the ongoing global quest for sustainable energy alternatives. Its potential in combating climate change while meeting energy demands effectively is seen as a game-changer in the fast-evolving energy landscape. The increasing acceptance and understanding of its benefits are creating new opportunities for its application, thus driving the forecasted boom of the Green Ammonia Market in Europe.

Green Ammonia in Maritime Industry

In the face of mounting concerns regarding carbon emissions from the maritime industry, STI Engineering has identified the immense potential of green ammonia as a powerful catalyst for sustainable change. According to statistics from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the shipping sector contributes a staggering 940 million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere each year, a figure that clearly illustrates the urgent need for cleaner, more sustainable solutions. Green ammonia, an innovative fuel produced using nothing but air and sunshine, presents an exciting alternative that is completely free of carbon. This groundbreaking solution could play a pivotal role in reducing the environmental impact of the shipping industry, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

STI's Vision and Commitment to Energy Market Transformation

STI Engineering's active involvement in green ammonia projects aligns seamlessly with its vision to "generate superior solutions, being a step ahead, to improve people’s lives." By embracing innovative technologies like the Alkaline High-Pressure Electrolyzer Unit, STI is not only contributing to the transformation of the energy market but is also actively addressing global challenges and promoting cleaner, sustainable energy solutions.


We continue to lead the charge in sustainable energy solutions, the company's commitment to advancements such as the Alkaline High-Pressure Electrolyzer Unit underscores its dedication to shaping a future where green ammonia plays a pivotal role in agriculture, energy production, and maritime transportation. With a holistic approach to environmental responsibility, we are paving the way for a cleaner, greener planet while adhering to its vision of improving lives through technological innovation.


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