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Wellio Milan Duomo by Covivio

The second Italian site of the pro-working network Wellio by Covivio

Wellio Milan Duomo is the second Italian site of the pro-working network Wellio by Covivio – European leader on the Real Estate market. Opened in April 2022 and designed in collaboration with Onsitestudio and DWA Design Studio, Wellio Milan Duomo offers a new working experience to all those who are looking for flexibility and high-standard working conditions. The opening of Wellio Duomo follows Wellio Dante, twin site inaugurated back in August 2020.

Pro-working flex-space concept

After a redevelopment, Wellio Duomo covers an area of about 5,000 square meters on 6 floors. The new refurbished building can now host 500 flexible workstations with plug & play offices immersed in the historic heart of the city, with a breathtaking view of Milan rooftops.
With customizable and flexible workstations, meeting rooms, common areas and a bar area on the third-floor terrace overlooking the Duomo, this new facility can easily ensure the maximum comfort to Wellio's guests. The new pro-working innovative flex-space concept combines comforts and services of a hotel with the technology and usability of modern office space. Customers have 24/7 access to the facility, with reception and concierge service, with offices and common equipped areas.
Technologically advanced, eco-sustainable and design to guarantee the maximum comfort to Wellio’s professional guests, this building meets all the necessary requirements to be awarded Leed Gold, Well Gold and Wiredscore certifications.
Alexei Dal Pastro, CEO Italy of Covivio, commented: “This important result, which follows on from the success of the first site in Via Dante, also highlights the complementary nature of the solutions and expertise offered by Covivio, a privileged partner able to accompany its customers towards new ways of working and collaborating.”

Wellio Milan Duomo project

STI engineering has been involved in the preliminary, final and detail design of mechanical, electrical and low current systems, acoustic and sustainability consultancy, as well as construction management of the same.
The electrical and low current systems have an innovative architecture allowing their complete integration in the building enabling a totally flexible organization of the internal spaces that turns this facility into a true Smart Building. The power supply is split into multiple low voltage supplies, which allows flexibility for both single and multi-tenant configurations. Continuous power supply, even in case of blackout, is ensured by UPS installed in the IT racks.
A high-efficiency air handling unit has been selected for this facility, equipped with an adjustment and control system of ambient relative humidity. The system features a new distribution with high-efficiency twin circulators and is provided with active chilled beam terminals.
The water generation system consists of a multi-purpose air-cooled unit. For the sanitary water system, hot water is generated in a special technical room, with a semi-instantaneous production. Water is heated by means of a plate heat exchanger. A new reel-to-reel fire suppression system powered by a certified pressurization unit ensures the safety of users, in full compliance with fire prevention design.
Involving Onsitestudio for the Architectural Design redevelopment and DWA Design Studio for the Interior Design project, Wellio Milan Duomo is already the new premium-service location in Milan. The high quality standard is granted by partners of excellence that have earlier been collaborating with Wellio at its Via Dante location.
STI engineering is really proud of its contribution to this project, supporting Covivio in the success of the new Wellio Milan Duomo.
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